The BOC Blast 153 – Recent Vessel Updates


Recent Vessel Updates

As of Wednesday, of Hanjin’s 97 container ships, 36 were waiting outside of overseas ports, according to South Korea’s finance ministry. Of the reminder, 37 had yet to unload and planned to return to Korea, and 24 had unloaded in Korea and elsewhere, the ministry said (

Hanjin American – anchored near Pangkor, Malaysia

Hanjin Ami – waiting outside Yantian, China, not allowed to dock

Asian Trader – heading to Busan, South Korea, but reportedly out of fuel

Hanjin Baltimore – Arrested by World Fuel Service outside of the Panama Canal, has not been allowed to

pass through

Hanjin Blue Ocean – moving slowly to Singapore

Hanjin Boston – arrived Port Los Angeles 9/13, unloaded containers, departed 9/16, now at anchor

“But instead of going to Oakland as planned, the master asked to anchor,” said J. Kip Louttit, executive

director of the Marine Exchange of Southern California. He said Friday afternoon the ship had departed

for Oakland. (

Hanjin California – arrested in Sydney

Hanjin Chongqing –  headed to Busan, South Korea

Hanjin Europe – under embargo in Hamburg, Germany

Hanjin Greece – unloaded port Long Beach, now off the coast of California

Hanjin Gdynia – arrived Long Beach 9/14, expected departure 9/19 (2 days at anchor, 2 days at berth), and

sail to Tokyo (J. Kip Louttit, executive director of the Marine Exchange of Southern


Hanjin Harmony – waiting in the North Sea, off coast of France

Hanjin Jungil – off the coast of California

Hanjin Miami – No decision has been made about discharging cargo on the M/V Hanjin Miami.  As soon as

there is more information available, we will share that with you (Port of New York)

Hanjin Montevideo, arrested in Long Beach, “remains at anchor inside the Long Beach Breakwater and we

still have no information on future movements,” said J. Kip Louttit, executive director of the Marine

Exchange of Southern California(

Hanjin Netherlands – anchored near Pangkor, Malaysia

Hanjin Norfolk – Heading to Pusan, may encounter issues attempting to pass through Panama Canal.

Pacita – returned to vessel owner

Hanjin Rome – arrested in Singapore

Hanjin Rotterdam – arrested in Yantian

Sky Love – returned to vessel owner

Sky Pride – returned to vessel owner

Hanjin Sooho – arrested in Shanghai

Hanjin Switzerland – Anchored in the Red Sea, has not yet passed through the Suez Canal, and is being barred from doing so

Hanjin Vienna – arrested in Vancouver

Other Hanjin Updates

Port of Houston (PHA)

Effective immediately, the International Office of the ILA will no longer supply labor for Hanjin containers.  Until further notice, all Hanjin containers will remain on hold. Those containers that have already been released by PHA will be placed back on hold for now.  As this situation develops, we will confirm the status of these units and their payments.

Port of Norfolk

As a result of decisions made by the International Longshoreman’s Association (ILA), based on the Hanjin Shipping bankruptcy, actions are being taken along the East Coast, which will affect The Port of Virginia facilities. Please be advised of the following:

Effective immediately, no Hanjin import loads can be delivered/out-gated from any Port of Virginia


Empty containers are not impacted by this decision.  We continue to accept Hanjin empties at the


This is a dynamic and evolving situation and further communication is anticipated.

You may contact our Customer Service Team at 757-440-7160, or

Port of New York

Procedures Announcement Regarding Hanjin Cargo and Equipment

As a result of the recent news about Hanjin Shipping’s severe financial difficultly and operating status, the following procedures are currently in place in The Port of New York and New Jersey for Hanjin cargo and equipment.

Maher Terminals

All Hanjin import deliveries must be pre-paid in either cash or credit, if already established with

Maher Terminals. Please contact the Maher Terminals Hot Line at 908-527-8200 Ext 3875 for

information on the charges due.

Hanjin exports will no longer be received at Maher Terminals. Hanjin will not accept any new

bookings and any previous bookings will be cancelled. For export containers that are already

gated-in, bookings will be cancelled.  Containers should be picked up, stripped and returned to a

location designated by Hanjin.

Hanjin empty containers will also no longer be received at either Maher’s main terminal or at the

Empty Depot at Columbia.

9/16 – The International Longshoremen’s Association said Friday afternoon that it has reversed its stance, and will handle cargo from ships operated by the now insolvent South Korean ocean carrier Hanjin Shipping (

9/16 – Judge John Sherwood of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Newark, N.J. at a hearing refused to reverse an order forbidding creditors from arresting Hanjin’s ships despite the protests of fuel companies and providers of tug services (


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