The BOC Blast 180 – 10 Tips to Protect High-Value Shipments

10 Tips to Protect High-Value Shipments

Regardless of what you are shipping, theft, fraud, and loss are always top concerns. However, when you’re shipping high-value items, how you approach shipping and risk mitigation is critical to your company’s bottom line and your brand’s reputation. Because these kind of situations at any time during the sales and shipping process, it’s important for retailers to use a layered approach when shipping their high-value goods. here are 10 tips that will help shippers minimize risks while maximizing sales.

1.Perform a risk-assessment of your high-value shipments.

2.Ensure your packaging/labeling is nondescript with no indication of contents.

3.Validate your customers.

4.Coordinate delivery of high-value goods with recipients.

5.Use carriers experienced in transporting high-value goods.

6.Assess/develop security procedures at your shipping facilities

7.Understand and follow best practices when shipping internationally

8.Proactively monitor shipments in transit or work with a partner who can do it for you.

9.Understand and effectively layer insurance products to mitigate potential losses.

10.Actively train employees on security procedures.

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