The BOC Blast 222 – Update on Trucking/Drayage in US

Update on Trucking/Drayage in US

Equipment / Chassis Related Issues:

Many service locations are currently experiencing a severe chassis shortage. This shortage affects shipments that have been dispatched and scheduled. This shortage also affects appointments, cutoffs and Last Free Days. As chassis are released on the same day as equipment pick up, in many cases, no one knows in advance if a chassis can be secured until the day of the appointment.

Additionally, many parts of the country are getting snow and/or ice, which has begun to affect shipments.

Electronic Logging Device (ELD): The passing of the deadline for complying (December 2017) has changed the way trucking is being done (and regulations enforced), and is having a significant negative impact on driving time. Initial reports by truckers are that ELD has impacted their driving time by 20-40 percent, and more in some cases. This means that, essentially, 20-40% of the ability to move a container has been removed from the market. In addition, layover fees are being charged more frequently and more consistently by trucking companies. Combine these changes with the increased volumes that have been on a steady incline since mid-Fall, 2017, and we can anticipate that problems will continue. Beginning in April, per ELD requirements, drivers will not only be fined for going over hours, but they will receive points against their commercial driver’s license (CDL).

Please note that due to all the factors that are creating a significant impact on trucking options, if there is a problem with a trucking move, the ability to immediately resolve the problem is hampered as well. BOC will do the best we can to rectify any issues you may have and get you the best results possible.

Please contact your BOC Representative if you have any questions.