The BOC Blast 253 – China Tariff List Two – Effective Date and Rate announced

China Tariff List Two – Effective Date and Rate announced

Please find the following attachments, for your reference:

  1. List 1 (25%, effective July 6th, 2018) Click here 
  2. List 2 (25%, effective August 23rd, 2018) Click here
  3. Form to Request Exclusion of Product.  Click here– Instructions and form for how to apply for an exclusion to List 1 and List 2 tariffs. Note that the information provided will become publicly available and viewable for comment for a period of 14 days. Decisions on exclusions are anticipated to take some time to process, but would be retroactive, if granted. Generally speaking, it appears that importer must show that equivalent domestic goods are not available, not of sufficient quality, or that imposition of tariffs would cause ‘severe economic harm’ to either the requestor or the US as a whole. Further guidance and decision making criteria has not yet been made available.

Note: an application for exclusion can only be made for the effective List 1 and List 2 tariffs, NOT yet for List 3. It is anticipated that, like List 1 and List 2, a similar request for exclusion process will become available upon final announcement. We will forward at that time.

NOTE: List 3 – proposed 10% or 25%, no final rate or effective date announced yet – comment period extended through September 5th 2018