The BOC Blast 258 – Port Conditions




Port Conditions, Asia

Qingdao:     Heavy congestion continues – waiting 1.5-2 days for a berth after the port was closed for 30.5 hours due to bad weather.


Shanghai:    Increased congestion – waiting time 2-2.5 days. TS (Tropical Storm) RUMBIA caused some issues with the draft in the channel, restricting  vessel access and berthing.


Ningbo:       Heavy congestion – at least 2 days waiting for a berth – Port closed for about 59hrs, being affected by TS YAGI and RUMBIA.


Shantou:     Moderate port congestion. Vessels out of window will delay at least 0.5-1 day.


Penang:     Moderate congestion, low productivity due to crane maintenance, berth waiting time is around 0.5 day.


Manila:        Manila South & North port still experiencing congestion – delays of 3-4 days even for vessels on window. The CY’s at the port are also heavily over capacity which leads to delays of empty returns and use of external ICD’s a “must”.


Bangkok:     Berth waiting time continues to be approx. 2 days


Jakarta:       Port congestion has eased, but due to ongoing low productivity in port, waiting 0.5 to 1 day for a berth for ships arriving off window.


Surabaya:    Port congestion moderate due to low productivity in port, waiting 1 to 1.5 days for a berth for ships arriving off window.