The BOC Blast 260 – Port Conditions, Asia

Port Conditions, Asia

Shanghai: Heavy congestion in all SIPG terminals continue – waiting 3-3.5 days for a berth after port was closed for 57hrs due to bad weather

Qingdao: Increased congestion – waiting time around 1-1.5 days. Pot closed 66hrs last week

Ningbo: Heavy congestion – currently 1-1.5 days waiting for a berth – Port closed for about 69hrs

DalianModerate congestion comes up due to the port being closed for 96hrs last week due to strong winds and rough seas

Lianyugang: Severe congestion appears this week, the port was closed for 90hrs last week, vessels can expect up to 3-4 days for a berth

XingangPort was closed for 11hrs last week, but port productivity situation remained normal

Manila: Manila South & North port still experiencing congestion , 15 vessels currently waiting for a berth at Manila North and 6 vessels waiting for a berth at Manila South. Terminal CY’s also heavily over capacity which leads to delays of empty returns and use of  external ICD’s a “must”

Bangkok: Berth waiting time continues to be approx. 1 day

JapanNagoya Port is likely to be affected by Typhoon Cimaron on 23rd Aug

KoreaPort operation is normal at present, however Typhoon SOULIK will shut the ports now for approx. 24–36 hours